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Carbon Express X Force 350

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The X-Force® 350 is dependable, easy-to-use and delivers a powerhouse performance. The X-Force® has the comfortable fit and feel of a rifle stock with a lightweight, one-piece stock design and an ergonomic profile for improved control and accuracy. The X-Force® Crossbow is manufactured with advanced synthetic composite materials and SilenTechTM coating that reduces shock and noise to dramatically increase your change for a successful day in the field

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Lightweight. Dependable. Accurate.

If you are hunting from a ground blind or treestand, the lightweight design of the X-Force® allows you to hold longer. The X-Force® is built with quality components and advanced composite to withstand the most demanding hunting environments.  The adjustable forearm on Picatinny rail has over 5″ of travel to accommodate different shooting styles.

Ready-to-Hunt Kit

The X-Force® 350 combines powerhouse performance and accuracy with exceptional value, perfect for new or seasoned hunters.  With an advanced solid limb design the X-Force® 350 is designed for improved control and accuracy.  Its ability to deliver bolts at 80 ft/lb and 300 feet per second with amazing accruacy makes the X-Force® 350 deadly in the field.

Measuring 36.75″ long by 23.5″ wide fully cocked, the X-Force® 350 has the comfortable fit and feel of a rifle.  The tactical, skeletal stock and 5″ Picatinny Forearm Rail System allows for custom fine-tuning to accommodate different shooting styles.

The X-Force® 350 is a calibrated, brand-matched shooting system. All parts and accessories are specially designed to work together for better accuracy and performance. Most important, this kit includes everything you need to shoot the crossbow right out of the box. The Ready-to-Hunt Kit includes 3 Carbon Express PileDriver® Bolts, 4×32 multi-reticle scope, 3-arrow quiver, cocking rope, 3 practice points, and rail lubricant.

Technical Specifications

Model # 20271 Feet Per Second 300 fps Kinetic Energy 80 ft/lb
Draw Weight 165 lbs Power Stroke 12.0″
Weight 7.60 lbs Length 36.75″
Width 23.50″ (cocked)
26.25″ (uncocked)
Length of Pull 14.5″


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