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Excalibur Matrix 310

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Velocity: 310 FPS
Draw Weight: 200 lbs.
Power Stroke: 10.9″
Mass Weight: 5.1 lbs.
Overall Length: 33.9″
Arrow Length: 18″
Arrow Weight: 350 Grains
Stock Type: Ergo-Grip
Finish: Mossy Oak Break-up Country
Arrow speeds obtained using arrows with a total weight of 350 grains (includes arrow and tip).


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The Matrix 310 offers many of the same features as Excalibur’s popular Matrix 355 and Matrix 380 crossbows that debuted a year ago, including the Compact Recurve Technology design.
However, due to its mere 10.9-inch powerstroke it’s even easier to cock, weighs an astonishing 5.1 pounds, and comes fully dressed in Mossy Oak’s Breakup Infinity Camouflage

The Matrix 310 is available only as a package, which also features:

  • Excalibur R.E.D.S systems
  • Multiplex scope
  • A four-arrow quiver with bracket
  • four Diablo arrows
  • 150-grain field points.


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