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Obsession Bows – 2016 Def-Con M7

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The DEF-CON M7, featuring our patented two track cam, the Evolution Z Cam (U.S. Patent # 7997259), is also equipped with the PerFX System and the Anti Torque Roller Guard to reduce cam lean during the bow’s draw cycle and to increase speed.

Our DEF-CON M7 will be turning heads in the field as well as the 3D Range with an amazing draw cycle.  Without a doubt, the DEF-CON M7 is a killing machine.  With the effortless draw cycle and easy let down, the DEF-CON M7 makes an incredible hunting and 3D bow. Deadly accurate and vibration free, the DEF-CON M7 comes with the Anti Torque Roller Guard and the PerFX System to help eliminate cam lean. Like all of our other bows, the DEF-CON M7 has a gracious valley and a rock-solid back wall.

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  • Right Handed
  • IBO Speed: up to 344FPS
  • ATA: 32 1/4” approx.
  • Brace height: 7”
  • Draw Weight: 70 lbs
  • Draw length: 27 1/2” to 31“
  • String length: 58 7/16”
  • Cables (2): 37 3/8”
  • Physical Weight: 4.1 lbs  Without Dampener
  • Let Off: 80%

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Draw Length

27.5", 28", 28.5", 29", 29.5", 30", 30.5", 31"


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